My Child’s First Visit

When should I bring in my child for his or her first dental visit?

It is highly recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry that a child should see a pediatric dentist when the first tooth comes in, usually between 6 and 12 months of age. A good way to remember the timing to think “first visit by first birthday.” During your child’s first dental visit, very little treatment is involved. The visit is more for your child and Dr. McKeever to meet in a non-threatening, friendly way.

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About Your Child’s First Visit


“When should my child visit the dentist for the first time?”
Just remember “first visit by first birthday.”

What can you and your child expect during the first visit?

It is important to schedule your child’s dentist visit earlier in the day, when they are well-rested and less likely to be fussy. Also, if possible, it is best not to bring other children along on the first visit. Bring your child’s favorite toy, blanket or other familiar object to help your child know that the dentist office is a safe and comfortable place for him or her.

If your child is under 3, we ask that you accompany him or her to the treatment room. Depending on his or her age and comfort level, we will have your child sit in your lap or you may sit by your child’s side. For children over 3, Dr. McKeever visit may go more smoothly if the parent remains in the waiting room. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in helping children overcome anxiety. For parents, we have windows in each treatment room door, so you may look in on your child, if necessary. We want you to feel comfortable, too!

First, Dr. McKeever will review your child’s history and answer any questions or concerns you may have. If your child is experiencing any type of emergency or if your child is in pain, Dr. McKeever will deal with that first. She will count your child’s teeth, gently examine them for signs of possible tooth decay, look at your child’s gums to make sure they look healthy, and will examine your child’s bite, if necessary. Dr. McKeever will show you and your child how to care for their developing teeth in a fun and informative way and will offer advice about preventing future cavities through home care. Dr. McKeever will clean any teeth and will assess your child’s need for fluoride. He will also go over oral health care basics, discuss developmental issues and answer any additional questions.

How often should my child see Dr. McKeever initially?

Dr. McKeever would like to see your child every 6 months to build up your child’s confidence and comfort level in visiting the dentist, to monitor the development of his/her teeth, and to promptly treat any developing problems.

Why should your child visit the dentist so early?

Healthy baby teeth will result in healthy permanent teeth and a lasting, beautiful smile. Also, baby teeth affect the way your child speaks and eats. By bringing your child to Dr. McKeever early he or she can come to build a trusting, friendly relationship with Dr. McKeever. If your child is missing any baby teeth, this initial dental visit can identify the need for orthodontics. Also, as a parent, you can come to learn the importance of oral hygiene, the relationship of nutrition to dental health, cavity prevention, the importance of fluoride, and all the other components to keeping your child’s teeth healthy and strong.

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