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Salinas Pediatric Dental Center can handle everything from a chipped or broken tooth to a toothache or even a permanent tooth getting knocked out.

If your child has an urgent dental need, come in for a same-day dental treatment. We understand that when your child experiences a dental emergency it can be very frightening. We’re here to help and make sure that any incident involving your child’s teeth and mouth is taken care of in the safest and most comforting way. Use the nearby form to schedule an appointment today or call.
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What should you do if your child chips a tooth?
If your child chips or breaks a tooth, do your best to save the pieces. As a precaution, you’ll want to rinse the child’s mouth with warm, salt water. Use gauze or a clean wash cloth to apply pressure to the area to stop the bleeding. As soon as the bleeding stops, apply cold compress and bring your child to the Salinas Pediatric Dental Center immediately. Dr. McKeever may or may not be able to reattached the pieces of the broken tooth , but it is good to bring them in any case. Often a chipped tooth can be repaired right away using a filling material. Occasionally, the chip is so severe that a root canal must be performed before the tooth is restored. This can be determined after the exam and x-ray that is done during your emergency visit.
We can perform procedures immediately to address the emergency and give your child’s smile back today. Call us to schedule your appointment right away.

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Same-Day Appointments Welcomed.
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